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From a Barber’s Chair, Trimming Vaccine Hesitancy

Public Health Professor’s Expertise Targets Disparities in Health Care


Researcher Helps Create Big Data ‘Early Alarm’ for Ukraine Abuses

System Analyzes Millions of Tweets Daily to Quickly Pinpoint Atrocities, Refugee Flows



Op/ed: Don’t Pin Shooters’ Motives on Mental Illness

Horrifying Trend Rooted in Perverted ‘Quest for Significance,’ Psychology Researcher Says


Early Warning for a Warming World

Research Linking Monsoon Season Changes, Several Infectious Diseases Could Improve Public Health Planning


Major Land Donation Bolsters Livestock Research at Unique UMD Facility

Hundreds of Acres from Aspen Institute Adds to Eastern Shore Home of Wye Angus Cattle Herd


Bringing Health Care’s Vision of Tomorrow Into Focus

UMD Leads Multi-Institutional Effort to Advance Medical Innovations, Build Regulatory Framework for Extended Reality


At Innovate Maryland, Pines Heralds Turning ‘Expertise Into Action’

From Landmine Danger to Food Security, UMD Inventions of the Year Tackle Grand Challenges


Op/ed: Students (and Many Adults) Can’t Tell Fact From Fiction Online

UMD Education Researcher Urges Schools to Help Teach Internet Skills to Curb Rising Misinformation


Project Seeks the Wisdom—and Foresight—of the Crowd

Forecasting Research Explores U.S. Tech Competitiveness


Researcher Studies Tesla’s Twitter Bot Boost

Did Fake Fans Push Popular Electric Vehicle Builder’s Stocks Skyward?


Paddling Against the Current on Stream Restoration

Study Shows Environmental Benefits Higher Where Residents Less Willing to Pay


Can a Strategy Game Help AI Learn to Spot Scammers?

Researchers Awarded $1M to Support U.S. Military’s Cybersecurity Fight


UMD Climate Change Policy Study Maps Path to Reach Greenhouse Goals

Researchers Recommend New Policies to Reduce Transportation Emissions by 2030


Op/ed: How to Stop Superspreader Events Without Masks

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Can Kill Airborne Viruses Indoors Before They Infect, Public Health Researchers Say

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