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Chris Carroll

Chris Carroll came to the University of Maryland in 2015 to write mostly about science, and a little about everything else. In nearly 20 years as a journalist, he was a staff writer at Stars and Stripes, National Geographic Magazine, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and others. The University of Missouri School of Journalism graduate has reported from about 30 countries, but only 16 or 17 U.S. states.

Big Impact

Moon Mystery

Scientists Find Evidence Cosmic Collision Formed Moon

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Social Sickness

Social Sickness

Researcher Links Racism, Physical Wellness

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Clear Solution

What If You Developed a Way to Save Thousands of Lives—and No One Was Interested?

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Back in Orbit

Pluto Mission Scientist’s Second Try at UMD Propels Career into Space

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Universe of Possibilities

NASA Astronaut Looks Forward to Her First Shot at Space

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bin Laden

Fingerprints of Power

Researcher Tracks Video Locations Using Electrical Grid Signal

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Happiness Gap

Researcher tracks feelings of well-being worldwide

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Brilliant Machines

Sure, robots are cool. Maryland researchers are making them smart

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Depression Detection

Mobile app could detect mental health problems

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The End of Pain

An eminent alumnus turns his zeal for innovation to the problem of suffering

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