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College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Terp Science in Orbit

Undergrads’ Space Station Experiment Tests Bacteria-Fighting Method

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How Well Do Fish See Color?

Biologists Study Cichlid Visual Perception and Behavior

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Virtual reality

Can Learning in Virtual Reality Enhance Memory?

Researchers Conduct In-Depth Analysis of Educational Use of VR

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Word World

UMD Team Awarded $14.4M to Build System That Can Translate Any Language

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Dino Divergence

Newest “Jurassic” Sequel Heads Farther Into Fantasyland, Researcher Says

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CS Grad Goes Back to the Land, With Help From the Web

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Celestial Map

Celestial Mechanic

Astronomer Traces Galaxy Paths Back to the Beginning

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"Fundamentals of Adulting"

Drawn to the Challenge

Math Staffer Creates Web Comic on “Adulting”

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