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Ice Cream Named for Pines Becomes Newest Maryland Dairy Flavor to Honor a Terp

By Annie Krakower

Pines meets Testudo during Pines on Parade

Photos by John T. Consoli

President Darryll J. Pines greets Testudo and a crowd of Terps during "Pines on Parade" yesterday, when a new Dairy ice cream flavor named for him debuted with lots of free samples.

In a week filled with festive events, speeches and performances celebrating the University of Maryland and the inauguration of President Darryll J. Pines, the Maryland Dairy helped make the occasion even sweeter.

At yesterday’s Pines on Parade event, he helped serve the first scoops of UMD’s latest ice cream flavor, TerraPines and Pralines, named in his honor. Inspired by Pines’ guilty pleasure of pralines and cream ice cream, the new treat features traditional praline-coated Georgia pecans, hand-blended with a brown sugar swirl in a rich, small-batch Maryland sweet cream ice cream with a touch of real vanilla.

Students eat ice cream created for Pines“We didn’t just coat (the nuts) in sugar and toss them in. We actually caramelized them where they have a frosting around them, and they’re going to stay that way even in a frozen state,” said Jeff Russo, executive pastry chef in Dining Services. “It has a nice maple-y flavor, which I think is a nice contrast to the caramel."

Before Pines even arrived at the first parade stop, the Nyumburu Cultural Center Amphitheater, dozens of Terps lined Campus Drive to taste the inaugural ice cream. He rolled onto the scene in a customized red, black and gold van, and was greeted with cheers as he stepped out with his wife, Sylvia Pines, and dog, Rocky. 

With the Mighty Sound of Maryland and Testudo pumping up the crowd, a line of students, faculty, staff and kids wound down the amphitheater’s steps to snap a pic with the president, grab a turtle pin and dig into the new flavor. Then it was back to the tricked-out transport for Pines as he headed to parade stops at the Prince Frederick Hall lawn and the Eppley Recreation Center front plaza. By the time it was all over, attendees had put away 42 gallons of Pines' signature flavor, 24 gallons of chocolate and 9 gallons of lemon sorbet—some 1,200 scoops in all.

Pines’ flavor is the latest at the Dairy to honor a Terp, with an estimated 20 specialty selections created since 2004. It started with former UMD football coach Ralph Friedgen—whose flavor featured vanilla ice cream with brownies and chocolate syrup—then expanded to other coaches, distinguished university professors and longtime staff members.

Dairy employees and Dining Services chefs ask each honoree about tastes and ingredients they enjoy, then tinker with the sugar and fat content to make sure the ice cream’s quality holds up in the freezer and that it melts in a visually pleasing way on a cone or in a cup. They also check the “mouthfeel,” what Russo describes as the initial, middle and ending taste of each scoop. Once they’re happy with the batch, they send it to the person it’s being named after to taste-test.

“They all get involved,” Russo said. “They don’t just say, ‘Make me one and put my name on it.’”

Get the backstories, served à la mode, on the other Terp-inspired flavors currently on the menu:

Creamy, rich vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate chips and chunks of chocolate fudge brownie, a smooth chocolate swirl and crème de cacao

This chocolatey treat was named after Sapienza Barone, a longtime assistant to UMD presidents, to mark her retirement in 2014. (Her husband, Brodie Remington, is vice president for university relations.) Originally a limited-time-only flavor, it stuck around after the fudgy confection gained a following.

Brenda’s Peanut Butter Frese
Brownie batter ice cream, crushed Reese’s Cups, brownie dough, chocolate liqueur and peanut butter fluff swirl

In 2015, the Dairy extended the naming flavors for football coaches to both men’s and women’s basketball, with head women’s coach Brenda Frese’s staff and team helping her decide on this chocolate-and-peanut-butter lover’s delight. Like with other Terp-inspired creations, Frese stopped by the shop to scoop her new flavor and pose for sweet pictures.

Turge Turtle Crunch
Vanilla bean ice cream, crushed salted almonds and vanilla sandwich cookies with a chocolate syrup swirl

Head men’s basketball coach Mark Turgeon’s flavor, also crafted with the help of Terp teammates’ taste-testing, included a unique ingredient, based on Russo’s advice: “One thing I suggested was the vanilla sandwich cookie—just something different,” he said. “Everybody puts Oreo or cookie dough.”

Sasho’s Crew Crunch
Dulce de leche ice cream with a chocolate cream swirl and Nestle Crunch pieces

Debuting in 2017 to commemorate head men’s soccer coach Sasho Cirovski’s 25th season at Maryland, this flavor is a nod to the squad’s most ardent Terp fans, the Crew. Those UMD soccer supporters helped choose the name through social media suggestions. Similar to other sports-related selections, it became available for the crowd to enjoy at Ludwig Field during home matches.

Double-strength coffee ice cream with crushed Oreos and a caramel swirl

Created in 2018 in honor of longtime field hockey head coach Missy Meharg, who’s led the Terps to eight national championships, this flavor gives diners a caffeine boost from the strong coffee ingredient, one of Meharg’s favorites. The offering is also one of Russo’s top choices, which he notes blends well as a milkshake.

Cathy Reese’s Victory Swirl
Vanilla ice cream with Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Cups and a peanut butter marshmallow swirl

How could a flavor named for head women’s lacrosse coach Cathy Reese not include Reese’s? Her peanut butter cup-packed ice cream debuted in 2019, and the “victory” part of the title turned out to be apt: The team won its 15th national championship later that season.

Pop, #LOCKedIn, Drop It
Vanilla ice cream with caramelized graham cracker bits and a salted caramel swirl

Not long after head football coach Michael Locksley took the helm for the 2019 season, Russo’s staff brought him six flavor combinations to try. He ultimately landed on the caramelized graham cracker bits, with a name that incorporated the team’s new #LOCKedIn motto.

Lori’s Legacy
Double-chocolate ice cream with chocolate ganache and crème de cocoa

After Lori Dominick, general manager of the food court in Stamp Student Union, retired in late 2019, the Dairy named her favorite flavor, formerly known as Midnight Madness, after her. The honor allowed the high-spirited legacy of the 30-year Dining Services veteran to live on in chocolatey goodness behind the counter that she ran.



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