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Matthew E. Wright

Matthew E. Wright is a science writer/media coordinator in the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences.

LINER galaxy turns into quasar

Galactic Alter Ego

UMD-led Study Captures Six Galaxies Undergoing Sudden, Dramatic Transitions

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Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos

UMD-led Team Awarded $7.3M to Study Moons, Asteroids for Future Human Exploration

Team One of Eight Selected to Participate in NASA Program

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View of Grand Canyon illustrating complex geological concept

Research: Glacial Sediments Greased the Gears of Plate Tectonics

New Study Highlights Connection Between Worldwide Glaciations, Sediments, Plate Tectonics

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Goodnight Moon

The Moon Is Shrinking, and It’s Setting Off Moonquakes

UMD Researcher Is Part of Team That Found Lunar Tectonic Plate Activity

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Ice melting

Mechanisms of Melting

UMD-led Research Finds Warm Winds Could Strain Antarctic Ice Shelf

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Shipping containers

Spotting Distant Threats

New Laser Method Uses “Avalanche Breakdown” to Detect Radioactive Material

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Europa video screengrab

Europa: The Search for Life

Geology Researchers Travel to Greenland to Lay Groundwork for Expedition to Moon of Jupiter

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Pinatubo Eruption

Rewriting the Story on Climate-Altering Eruptions

New Method Co-developed at UMD Enhances Scientists' Ability to Read Volcanic Record Buried in Ice Sheets

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Honey Bee Predators: Werewolves, Not Vampires

UMD-led Research Upends Old Assumptions on the Eating Habits of a Primary Threat to Pollinators

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Map predicting risk

Saving Species Through AI

Researchers Train Algorithm to Estimate Risk Level for Plants Worldwide

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Paint Branch

"Chemical Cocktails" on Tap

Researchers Show Dangers of Excess Salt in Waterways, Need for Management and Regulation

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Himalayan snow

Climate Connections

Researcher’s Atmospheric Modeling Could Solve 19th-Century Precipitation Puzzle, Help Farmers

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