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hurricane above Earth

UMD Awarded $388M NOAA Cooperative Agreement for Earth System Studies

Institute’s Researchers Aim to Trace Links Between Human Activity, Earth’s Environment

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student raises hand in class while looking toward teacher

‘That’s Not Fair!’: UMD-Led Study Finds Kids Notice Teacher Bias

Children Also Seek to Rectify Inequalities in Classroom

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A hand under an illustration of a brain

Researchers Discover How Brain Region Helps Us Switch From Passive to Active Listening

Study of Hearing in Different Contexts Could Offer Insights Into Sensory Impairment Disorders

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black and white chairs that read, "We Want You"

Looking for an ‘Outside the Box’ Candidate? You Might Get a Rule-bending Narcissist

Study Finds Job-Posting Language Can Attract Unethical Candidates

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hand with puppet strings hovers over man sitting at news desk

‘Don’t Fall for It’

Journalism Professor’s Book Shows Convergence of Russian Propaganda and American Media

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A mom takes a photo of her child wearing a brain imaging cap next to a laptop showing her brain lighting up

A Good ‘Word’ for Public Engagement in Science

UMD, D.C.-area College Students Conduct Interactive Studies at D.C. Language Museum

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Illustration of human eye with computer graphics around it

Researchers’ New Camera Was Inspired by Human Vision

Mimicking Involuntary Eye Movements Creates Sharper Images for Robots, Smartphones, Other Devices

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Picgure of big flower M in M Cricle in UMD campus

10 Terps Awarded Boren Scholarships, Fellowships to Study Foreign Languages Abroad

UMD Ranked Among Top Recipients of $25K National Honor

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Inscription on Supreme Court building

Op/ed: The Supreme Court Turns the President Into a King

Historian Who Argued Against Criminal Immunity for Official Acts Decries Decision

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collage of battery, quantum chip and super wood technology

$2.3M in State Grants Awarded to UMD-Affiliated Innovation Projects

Maryland Department of Commerce funding to Support Advances in Energy Storage, Materials, Quantum and More

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man sits on bench in old-fashioned classroom

Thurgood Marshall’s Former School Reimagined, With UMD’s Help

UMD Facilities on Law, Gun Violence and Public Health Anchor New West Baltimore Center

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robot arm with spoon hovers above three bowls

High-Tech Help in Clearing Your Plate

Researchers’ Robotic System Aims to Improve Autonomy for People With Mobility Issues

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