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collage including (from left) Luke Skywalker, the Home Alone kdi and George Clooney in Oceans 11

How ‘Home Alone’ Helped Unlock Brain Scan Data

Using Hit Films, UMD Neuroscientists Uncovered Latent Information to Illuminate Brain Activity Over Time

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Biology-Psychology Building

Expert in Evolution of Cultures Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Michele Gelfand Developed Well-known ‘Tightness-Looseness’ Theory

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Proud Boys rally

Op/ed: The Psychology of White Supremacy

Expert in Radicalization Says Movements Prey on Desire for Respect, Significance

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Tatiana Sandoval ’19 at food drive

‘Zero Excuses’

Alum Who Attended UMD as a Dreamer Helps Other Immigrants Rebuild Their Lives

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Protesters with sign that reads, "Open schools. No restrictions! No mask! No 'social distancing'"

‘Tight’ Cultures, Fewer COVID Deaths, UMD Research Finds

Countries With ‘Looser’ Social Norms Faced Worse Outbreaks

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President Donald Trump's supporters converge on the Capitol building on Jan. 6, when rioters stormed the building as lawmakers were set to certify President-elect Joe Biden's electoral victory in what was supposed to be a routine process headed to Inauguration Day.

Op/ed: What’s Driving Trump’s Foot Soldiers

UMD Psychologist Says Understanding Could Help Mitigate Far-right Extremism

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Commencement program with confetti

Dedicated to Making a Difference

December Commencement Student Speaker Grapples With Identity, Commits Himself to Equality of Opportunity

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Hazy photo of girl on bike

The Mystery of Our Early Missing Memories

Childhood Brain Function and Memory Skills Shape Each Other, UMD Research Finds

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Project Fearless Season 1, by Berkeley Poulsen: Drawings of characters representing UMD majors

Major Characters

Student Digitally Paints Engineering, History, Psychology and More Into Fantastical Figures

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Ripped family picture

Political Knots vs. Family Ties

Did the Election Open Rifts in Your Relationships? UMD Psychologist Steers You Toward Finding Common Ground

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zebra finches

Singing a New Song

UMD Researchers Uncover Evidence Birds Listen to Birdsong Much Differently Than We Do

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A satirical illustraton presenting the evolutionary rise of man, concluding with man sitting at a desk in a COVID mask

10 Ways the Pandemic Could Reshape Our Evolution

UMD Psychologist, Other Scholars Outline Sweeping Observations About Human Nature Amid COVID-19

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