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New Shades

Exhibit in Stamp Gallery Focuses on Color, Representation

By Sala Levin ’10

“Pink Is a Color That Feels Like Love”

Photo by John T. Consoli

Photo by John T. Consoli

Color gets complicated in “Pink Is a Color That Feels Like Love,” the new exhibit that opened Aug. 29 in Stamp Gallery. The exhibit highlights three artists, Damien Davis, Brandon Dean and Delano Dunn, who use color to examine how marginalized groups have been represented in art. “The way they’re using colors is challenging different standards and stereotypes,” says Philadelphia-based curator Katy Scarlett.

Take a look through the photo gallery to see how these artists are making vibrant, bold statements.

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Triangle Combo

Delano Dunn, “Where Neon Bends” (2017, paper, vinyl, tape, lights and cellophane on plexiglass)

Delano Dunn’s work primarily focuses on how women of color have—or haven’t—been represented in art and society at large. These two works are from a series called “Where Neon Bends,” in which California-raised Dunn is “imagining if women from the future traveled back to L.A. in the 1970s and 80s and had special powers,” says Scarlett. The neon colors are reminiscent of superheroes’ outfits, and the women are in powerful poses, suggesting they’re “stamping out patriarchy,” says Scarlett.


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