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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


A Cicada Postmortem: What We’re Learning From Brood X

Giant Insects Provided New Perspective on Impact of Climate Change, the Effects of Social Media and More

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U.S. Beekeepers Continue to Report High Colony Loss Rates, UMD-led Survey Finds

Bee Informed Partnership’s Results Used to Help Beekeepers, Researchers Seeking Solutions

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Animation of cicadas emerging and receding into holes in the ground

A Hole New Perspective on Brood X

Entomology Class Warms Up to Studying 17-Year Cicadas

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Living Umbrella at Vigilante Coffee Co.

An Upgrade From Artificial Shade

Professor Designs ‘Living Umbrellas’ to Beat the Heat Sustainably

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Photo illustration of a cicada wearing a chef hat

‘Cicada-licous’ Cooking

Alum’s 17-Year-Old Recipe Collection Offers Insect-Infused—and Protein-Packed—Ideas for Brood X Emergence

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Animation of cicadas popping up on McKeldin Mall

Brood X Rising

How to Get Through the Coming Cicada Swarms, With Tips From a UMD Expert

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Student with lamb and ewe

Shepherding in a Flock of Campus Cuteness

Watch Terps Tend to Newborn Sheep in ‘Lamb Watch’ Animal Science Course

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Potato farmer

Climate Change Cuts Into Agriculture Productivity, Study Finds

Warmer and Poorer Regions of the Globe Hardest Hit

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Exploring the Mettle of Nettle

Project to See if Adding a Common Weed to Your Diet Could Boost Immune System, Fight Obesity

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Big car covers up small car gif

Electric Car + Giant SUV = Backfire for the Environment

UMD Study Finds Households Cancel Benefits of Efficient Car Purchases With Inefficient Ones

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Typha growing in Nigeria

Making a Weed Meet Vital Needs

Agriculture Researcher, African Residents Collaborate to Turn Wetland Cattails Into Livestock Feed, Cooking Fuel

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Student holds lamb

Lamb Lessons

Students in Popular Animal Science Course Help Baby Sheep Spring to Life on Campus Farm

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