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Op/ed: AI Is Moving Fast; AI Regulation Needs to Catch Up

Tech Policy Expert Finds Business Leaders Support Action to Avoid Misuse

By Kislaya Prasad

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A new UMD survey shows that businesses want AI regulations. The federal government needs to take action, says the researcher who conducted it.

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U.S. business executives support regulation of artificial intelligence at their companies, including requirements to disclose AI use, enact policies for data collection and perform independent audits of bias and discrimination in their systems, according to a new University of Maryland survey.

It was conducted by Kislaya Prasad, a research professor at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and academic director of its Center for Global Business, who explains his findings and argues in a new essay in The Baltimore Sun that while states are introducing legislation to tackle these issues, the lack of AI regulation at the federal level presents several risks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already affecting our lives in many positive ways, automating tasks, helping to diagnose medical issues and acting as a voice-controlled virtual assistant for many.

Still, there is a very real danger of misuse and unintended consequences of the technology, as we saw recently in Maryland, with the filing of what is believed to be the first criminal case against someone for allegedly using AI to create a revenge video against an employer. Consequently, governments here, and around the world, have been grappling with the question of how best to regulate it.

Read the rest in The Baltimore Sun.



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