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KN95 Mask Order Expanded; Guidelines Offered for Reuse, Disposal

COVID Testing Schedule Altered for Week Ahead

By Maryland Today Staff

KN95 mask

UMD has expanded its initial order of reusable KN95 masks, which provide a higher level of protection against COVID-19 than some other commonly worn face coverings. In an email today, officials offered guidelines for wearing and disposing of the masks.

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University Health Center Director Dr. Spyridon S. Marinopoulos sent the following email to the campus community today:

Last week, we announced a series of new measures to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on our campus, including the availability of KN95 masks. This message provides updates regarding KN95 distribution, tips for the proper use and care for KN95 masks, and information on a schedule change for COVID-19 testing next week.

Where to Get Your KN95 Mask
Complimentary KN95 masks are being made available to students, faculty and staff. Although we have supplemented our initial order of 50,000 masks with an additional 20,000 masks, we ask that community members limit requests to one per person, so we can assure that everyone who wants a mask is able to get one. Community members may obtain their mask in the following ways:

  • The Stamp Student Union information desk has masks available to all students, faculty and staff.
  • Students living in residence halls, South Campus Commons and Courtyards can pick up a mask at their Community Service desk locations.
  • Students living in university-owned fraternity and sorority houses will receive a mask at their houses.
  • Off-campus students living at University View, Terrapin Row, The Varsity, Landmark and Graduate Hills and Gardens can pick up a mask from their apartment complex.
  • Departments are responsible for providing KN95 face masks to employees for use in large groups, including classrooms and residence halls. Please visit the Printing Services Digital Storefront to order them for faculty and staff.

KN95 Mask Use and Care
A KN95 mask provides better protection for you and reduces the spread of the virus from someone wearing one. As a reminder, If you are unvaccinated, you are expected to wear a KN95 mask. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should also wear a KN95 mask when around large groups, including in classroom settings and in residence halls. As previously stated, faculty members may remove their masks while teaching, providing they are fully vaccinated and can maintain 6 feet of physical distance.

Here are some key tips for wearing a KN95 mask:

  • Use: KN95 masks should be worn with the bottom below your chin, the nosepiece up and the straps over each of your ears. The nose clip should be molded to the shape of your nose. You should adjust the fit as necessary to reduce air flow around the mask.
  • Care: With proper care, KN95 masks should be reusable for an extended period of time. KN95 masks should not be washed, and should be stored in a safe, dry and clean location between uses.
  • Disposal: KN95 masks should be discarded only once they become visibly soiled, no longer cover the nose and mouth, have stretched out or have damaged ties or straps, cannot stay on the face, or have holes or tears in the fabric. When needed, KN95 masks may be disposed of in the trash.

Additional details regarding KN95 mask use, care and proper disposal can be found on the 4 Maryland website and ESSR's Working Safely During COVID-19 website.

Stadium Testing Schedule Change
On-campus COVID-19 testing will not be available at Maryland Stadium on Thursday, Sept. 30. Testing will continue to be available Monday through Wednesday. Unvaccinated individuals will need to be tested on Monday, Sept. 27 and Wednesday, Sept. 29.

Thank you for your continued diligence in keeping our community safe and healthy.

Be well and stay safe,

Spyridon S. Marinopoulos Signature

Spyridon S. Marinopoulos, MD, MBA, FACP
Director, University Health Center
Chief Medical Officer, University of Maryland

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