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UMD Outlines How to Request COVID-19-Related Disability Accommodations, Considerations

By Maryland Today Staff

Interim Senior Vice President and Provost Ann G. Wylie and Vice President for Student Affairs Patty Perillo sent the following email to the campus community today:

In preparation for the resumption of in-person instruction and operations this fall, we share this information about accommodations and requests for consideration. The presence of faculty, staff and students—and their interactions on campus—contribute significantly to our vibrant learning community. We are committed to working with students and employees who, due to a medical condition, are most vulnerable to complications from COVID-19. We will work to provide the necessary resources that prioritize safety and well-being.

Requests can be made in the following two categories:

COVID-19-Related Disability Accommodations
Students, faculty and staff may request new Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)-based disability accommodations and changes to existing ADA disability accommodation due to the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19-Related Requests for Consideration
Students, faculty and staff who are in one or both of the two eligible groups below may request a consideration:

The process for requests is as follows:

Students already registered with the Accessibility and Disability Service (ADS) can work directly with their assigned ADS counselor to request changes to their existing disability accommodations based on COVID-19-related impact. Students' new disability accommodation requests related to COVID-19 will be assessed and determined as part of the interactive process between the student, ADS counselor and course instructor/supervisor, and other offices as needed. For new accommodation requests, contact the Accessibility and Disability Service.

Students who meet the COVID-19 related request for consideration criteria above with specific recommendations from their health care providers, or students in COVID-19 quarantine and isolation (on or off campus) may make their request through the University Health Center. A letter from the physician treating the patient for the specific condition will be required. This letter will need to list the medical reason(s) for the COVID-19 related consideration, the type of consideration requested, and the anticipated duration of the consideration.

Faculty and Staff
Employees should use University Human Resources' (UHR) faculty/staff accommodation request form to submit their requests for work-related considerations.

Faculty and staff should contact UHR Leave Management ( to discuss eligibility for requesting COVID-19 related considerations.

All faculty and staff disability accommodation and/or COVID-19-related requests for consideration will be assessed and determined by UHR as part of an interactive, confidential process. If a request is approved, UHR will implement plans for staff, and the Office of Faculty Affairs will work with academic units to implement plans for faculty.

Important Notes

  • Standing UMD policies and procedures for disability and accessibility accommodations (VI-1.00D) and student excused absence (V-1.00G) apply for COVID-19-related requests.
  • UMD may request but will not use or disclose medical information for any other purposes unless such disclosure is authorized by the individual, or if such disclosure is otherwise required by law.


Ann G. Wylie
Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

Patty Perillo
Vice President for Student Affairs

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