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Pass/Fail Deadline Reminder: Changes to Grading Method Due Last Day of Class

By Maryland Today Staff

As the last weeks of the semester approach, students are encouraged to review their grading method selections for each course to ensure they are accurate.

The deadline for undergraduates to make final grading method selections is the last day of the class. For classes on the standard semester schedule, this deadline is May 11 at 10:59 EDT (61 minutes before midnight). For non-standard classes, consult the web app below for the deadline. There will be no changes to the grading method beyond this deadline, and there will be no exceptions.

Pass/Fail Grading Policy for Spring 2021

Undergraduate students will be able to opt in to courses that they wish to take on a Pass/Fail basis.

  • The Pass ("P") mark will now include grades of C- or better; the "P" will no longer include grades of D+, D and D-.
  • If a student earns a grade of D+, D, D- or F, those grades will be recorded.
  • While the "P" does not have an impact on a student's GPA, grades of D+, D, D-, and F will be factored into the GPA.
  • Students will be able to select the Pass/Fail grading method for up to seven credits with automatic approval.
  • Students experiencing exceptional circumstances may request an exception to the seven-credit limit through their adviser and with the approval of their dean.
  • The "P" will count in Spring 2021 for any requirement, including courses in a major, minor, certificate, General Education, benchmark or Limited Enrollment Program gateway (including courses that would ordinarily require a B-).

Making no changes to the grading method of courses before the deadline means it will remain the same as when the student registered. Students who registered for courses with the regular grading method will not receive Pass/Fail grades in those courses.

To change grading methods for courses, visit the Testudo Web App, which is available 24 hours a day. For more information or to ask questions, visit

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