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Health Center Confirms Total of 35 Adenovirus Cases; Precautions Urged to Stay Healthy Over Break

By Maryland Today Staff

The University of Maryland has confirmed a total of 35 cases of students who have tested positive for Adenovirus, according to a letter sent to campus yesterday by Dr. David McBride, director of the University Health Center.

The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed 10 of the 35 cases as Adenovirus 7, a strain that can cause more serious illness. No students are currently hospitalized; one student died as a result of an Adenovirus-related illness on Nov. 18.

To help prevent the spread of cold, flu and other viruses on campus, Residential Facilities will do a deep cleaning of the residence halls from Jan. 7–18, including disinfecting frequently touched surfaces in students’ rooms.

McBride urged students as they head home for winter break to take precautions to stay healthy and stop the spread of illnesses. His advice included:

  • Public transportation: If you’re sick, avoid it. If you’re healthy and use it, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently to avoid catching a virus from someone else.
  • Crowds and parties: If you’re sick, avoid them to prevent spreading your illness to others, particularly friends or family with underlying medical problems. Stay home and in bed. If you’re healthy, avoid sharing food, utensils, cups and water bottles at gatherings.
  • Flu shots: Get one, if you haven’t yet. Flu season lasts through March—it’s not too late.
  • Awareness of symptoms: If you have chronic medical problems like asthma, diabetes or illnesses that lower your immune system or take medicine that lowers your immune system, it is vitally important not to ignore flu-like symptoms (high fever and cough/sore throat and vomiting/diarrhea) and to visit a physician within 48 hours of developing symptoms.

Find resources and updates about Adenovirus on the University Health Center website. Students living on campus can find instructions provided by the Departments of Resident Life and Residential Facilities to prepare for the cleaning of residence halls.

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