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Bedtime Stories

Warm Memories in Grad’s T-Shirt Quilt

By Alex Stoller

Jaishri Shankar

While packing up before moving to South Carolina to join Teach for America, Jaishri Shankar ’13 realized she had accumulated an entire wardrobe’s worth of Terp T-shirts over her four years at Maryland.

Each shirt had a story behind it: the first “Gold Rush” tee given out before the men’s basketball team beat Duke in 2010, one with Testudo wearing a sombrero from her senior-year bar crawl across College Park, and a black tee proclaiming “Let’s Tour S’more,” the Dairy’s ice cream flavor celebrating Maryland Imagers. “I wanted a way to preserve the most significant memories I had at Maryland,” she says.

Shankar, who teaches eighth-grade science, had the company Project Repat stitch a quilt from 30 Terp tees, linking together the Maryland memories she didn’t want to let go.


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