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An ‘Amazing’ All Niter

Reality TV-Themed Open House at the Stamp Draws 1,000—and 2 ‘Big Brother’ Contestants

By Maryland Today Staff

A crowd watches a person breakdancing

Tyler Kim '27 hits a move during BTerps's “So You Think You Can Dance”-like breakdance battle in the Activities Room at the Adele H. Stamp Student Union. Around 1,000 students and others turned out at the All-Niter for more than a dozen activities.

Photo by Riley N. Sims Ph.D. '23

Terps roaming the Adele H. Stamp Student Union on Friday night didn’t need to change the channel for new entertainment, just their room.

The All Niter, an annual indoor showcase of student life, ended closer to midnight, attracting more than 1,000 people for games, live performances, activities and lots of swag, all under the theme of reality TV.

Hundreds packed in collect "The Amazing Race"-inspired pins and to watch RuPaul's Student Drag Race, a “So You Think You Can Dance” breakdancing competition and the “Last Comic Standing” Student Comedy Showcase. “The Great British Bake Off” Build-a-Terp turned out to be the most popular (Who can resist a stuffed mascot with a chef’s hat?), while more than 60 student clubs hunted for clues and tackled endurance contests to compete for cash at “Survivor: Stamp.”

The finale was “Big Brother" Bingo, hosted by the winner and runner-up of the most recent season of the long-running CBS series, Matt Klotz and Jag Bains. Superfans cheered and laughed at insider-y giveaways such as veto necklaces, slop and velour bathrobes, but the prizes of household (get it?) items such as blankets and blenders were a bigger hit with this audience.

Scroll down for a look at some of the night's delights.

People decorate bowling pins at a table

Makachi Ngobili '26, center, decorates a bowling pin during “Making It:” Bowling Pin Painting. (Photo by Riley N. Sims Ph.D. ‘23)

Leaders of a large bingo game sit on a stage next a big screen

Students packed the Grand Ballroom for “Big Brother” Bingo to hear from Matt Klotz and Jag Bains, the last remaining houseguests on the TV series in November, as well as to snag prizes such as Beats headphones, blankets and blenders. (Photo by Jess Daninhirsch '26)

A UMPD officer takes a selfie with several people holding stuffed animals

University of Maryland Police Department Capt. August Kenner poses for a selfie with All-Niter attendees and their haul of stuffed animals from the Build-a-Terp activity. (Photo by Jess Daninhirsch '26)

Person in a fancy dress holds a microphone in front of a crowd in a dark auditorium

Ebou Dibba ‘26 performs in RuPaul’s Student Drag Race at Hoff Theater, sponsored by Student Entertainment Events (SEE). (Photo by Jess Daninhirsch '26)

Numerous couples dance in a ball room with a hardwood floor

UMD’s Swing Dance Club hosted “Dancing with the Stars” West Coast swing lessons, inviting passersby to step inside the Atrium to learn the beginning moves. (Photo by Jess Daninhirsch '26)

Four women pose in a fashion show-like environment

From left: Wissal Ezzaki '25, Sumayyah Abdullah '25, Sumiyah Yusuf '25 and Lena Elamin '26 strike a pose during Walk the Runway, sponsored by the student fashion club MasTERPiece. (Photo by Riley N. Sims Ph.D. ‘23)

A man performs stand-up comedy on a stage

Josh Blume '23 performs during the “Last Comic Standing” Student Comedy Showcase, organized by Punchbowl Comedy and SEE. (Photo by Riley N. Sims Ph.D. ‘23)

Students play billiards in TerpZone

Students play billiards in TerpZone, which also hosted an evening of cosmic bowling. (Photo by Riley N. Sims Ph.D. ‘23)

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