Monday, June 1, 2020
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U.S. Capitol building with American flag


UMD Expert to Senate: Stronger Response to Domestic Terror Needed

START Director Urges Committee to Improve Data Collection, Embrace Rehabilitation Programs

A burned area of the Amazon rainforest


Guardians of the Rainforest

Expert on Deforestation, Indigenous Peoples Says Policies, Mindsets Must Change as Fires Rage On

Young people hold protest signs at climate strike in DC


Atmosphere of Change

UMD Sociologist Takes Temperature of D.C. Climate Strike

Bird in the rain


Riding Out the Storm … But Not Climate Change

Study Looks at Coastal Birds’ Resilience to Hurricanes

LINER galaxy turns into quasar


Galactic Alter Ego

UMD-led Study Captures Six Galaxies Undergoing Sudden, Dramatic Transitions

Robot surgery on dummy
Robot surgery on dummy


Could a Robotic Surgical Assistant Join the Ambulance Crew?

Engineer’s Device Aims to Help Keep Patients Alive En Route to Hospital



Making ‘Smart Cells’ Smarter

UMD Researchers Enable Teams of Bacteria to Work Together Autonomously

Woman walking with small children


Time to Choose

How Free Preschool, Longer School Days and Affordable Day Care Help Keep Moms in the Workforce

Speech bubbles that say "Hola," "Guten tag," "Bonjour" and "Hi"


Gained in Translation

UMD Researchers Developing Translator System With Social Tact, AI Restraint

Image of police officer in VR app


Practice That’s No Game

UMD Researcher’s VR App Helps People With Autism Learn to Interact With Police

A drone flies in the night sky


‘Faster, Safer, Cheaper’

A woman’s lifesaving new kidney arrived by drone, and the nation’s transplant system may never be the same.

Illustrated Clarke station floats in space


Found in Space

How an 18-Year-Old Student Engineering Project Showed Up in a New Sci-Fi Book

A Brexit supporter waves a sign as he demonstrates on Parliament Square in London on Wednesday.


Exploring the Foundations of Prejudice

Research Finds Social Norms, Perceived Threats Influence Nationalism, Intolerance Around the World

Colored e-cigarettes


Up in Smoke

UMD Expert: Michigan’s Ban on Flavored E-cigarettes a ‘Good First Step’

Black and white close-up photo of young girl hugging mother


Treatment Together

Study Explores Benefits of Addressing Undiagnosed Parental ADHD For Children With the Disorder

Birchbox, Blue Apron boxes


Why ‘Disruptor’ Brands Are Booming—and What Role You Play in the Trend

UMD Marketing Expert Explains the Rise in Firms From Blue Apron to Warby Parker

Journalists conduct interview on sidewalk in Baltimore


Merrill, NPR Investigation Reveals Tolls of Rising Urban Heat

Project Found Lack of Shade, Abundant Concrete Linked to Increased Illness, Crime, Poverty

Lightning strikes near a house


Pingin’ in the Rain

UMD Researchers Explore Extent of Storms Knocking Out ‘Last-mile’ Internet Connectivity

women and men name tag gif


Research: Women Are Beautiful, Men Are Rational?

Language Applied Differently by Gender, According to Machine Learning Analysis of 3.5M Books

A fire rages in the Amazon rainforest


A Higher Perspective on the Amazon Fires

According to UMD Satellite Monitoring, the Vast Area Burning This Year Is Less an Outlier Than You Think

Mosquito on skin sucking blood


Tracking West Nile, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

NIH Awards $2M for Research to ID Genes That Make Mosquitoes Target People

Sandwich collage


A Game of Chicken

Social Media Jockeying Made Popeyes’ Sandwich a Viral Sensation. A UMD Marketing Expert Explains How.

Ronald Walsworth in the lab


UMD Launches Quantum Technology Center

Researchers to Push Quantum Science Beyond Physics for High-Impact Innovations

Writer in Wind Tunnel


At 70, Wind Tunnel Still Having a Blast

Cars, Planes, Copters and Even Olympic Bobsleds Tested at UMD Facility

Smiley face with "Share, click, like"


Emotion Detector

What Feelings Make Us Share Content on Social Media? New Research Aims to Find Out

Woman in heat of the sun


Soaring Temperatures Mean Rising Peril to Kidney Disease Patients

Study Finds Risk Varies by Race, Location, Other Diseases

Children watching “Galli Galli Sim Sim”


Study: Indian "Sesame Street" Improves Preschoolers’ Skills

Research Finds Gains in Identifying Letters, Numbers, More

The Table at Crate


Taste of the Future at Shopping Malls

Marketing Expert: How New Dining Options Are Spicing Up Customer Experience

Arie W. Kruglanski


Understanding Extremism, After Recent Mass Shootings

Noted Psychologist Explains 5 Factors of Violence

Illustration of planet


Distant 'Heavy Metal' Gas Planet Cranks It Out

UMD Astronomer Helps Discover First Known Planet Hot Enough to Eject Heavy Elements Into Space

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