Monday, August 3, 2020
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Woman wears surgical mask at grocery store

COVID-19 Information

Wearing Surgical Masks in Public Could Help Slow Pandemic’s Advance, New Study Suggests

UMD Researcher Advised White House on Team's Finding That Disputed Measure Could Limit Virus Spread by Infected People

Smartphone surrounded by coronavirus

COVID-19 Information

5 Tips to Disinfect Your Social Media of COVID-19 Fake News

Expert Identifies Commons Misinterpretations, Disinformation Tactics

Mall parking lot

COVID-19 Information

Is This the End of the Shopping Mall?

Why COVID-19 Might Be a Catalyst That Changes Retail Forever

Aerial view of cars on road

COVID-19 Information

Tracking Mobility to Fight a Pandemic

Researchers Give COVID-19 Planning a Big Data Boost

St. Louis Red Cross Motor Corps on duty Oct. 1918 Influenza epidemic

COVID-19 Information

Social Distancing, the Sequel

How the COVID-19 Outbreak Echoes—and Diverges From—the 1918 Flu Pandemic

A  new field hospital set up in Indio, Calif., with 125 beds will help ease the burden on the local hospital system amid the growing COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Information

Op/ed: Time for a ‘Uniform’ Response to COVID-19

School of Public Health Dean Calls for Deployment of U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps

Mask being made on 3D printer

COVID-19 Information

In Race With Virus, Researchers Speed Development of Medical Equipment

Bioengineers, Terrapin Works Producing New Respirator, Ventilator Designs

Game canceled


A Full Timeout

With Games on Hold, Expert Sees Chance to Reflect on Another Side of Sports

COVID 19 gif: New maps by UMD researchers show county-by-county COVID-19 infection data for each day since the outbreak began in the U.S.

COVID-19 Information

Watch Pandemic Spread on New UMD Maps

Geography Researchers Show Disease Progression Over Space, Time

Gloved hands fill out tax form

COVID-19 Information

Tax Advice for the Pandemic Era

Expert Explains How the Novel Coronavirus Could Affect What You Owe

Hand scrolling through news on a smartphone

COVID-19 Information

Feeling Anxious? Try Broadening Your News Feed

Journalism, iSchool Researchers Find That How We Build Our Online Information Environments Matters

Pandemics can create a stronger sense of the common good, writes Professor Arie Kruglanski. A doctor with San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury Free Clinic prepares to talk with homeless people about the coronavirus on Tuesday.

COVID-19 Information

Op/ed: Three Ways the Pandemic Is Changing Who We Are

Coronavirus-related Stress Has Deep Internal Effects, Psychology Researcher Says

A world temperature map shows warmer (red) to cooler (violet) temperatures, with black circles representing areas of significant community transmission of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information

Predicting COVID-19 Outbreaks

UMCP, UMB Researchers Race to Uncover Climate, Human Factors Behind Virus’ Spread

Port of Baltimore

COVID-19 Information

Op/ed: Saving Jobs in a Time of Coronavirus

Professor Says as U.S. Workers Lose Hours or Jobs, Government Can Act to Speed Economic Recovery

Hoarding TP

COVID-19 Information

Op/ed: During Coronavirus Outbreak, It’s Hoard Times

Business Researchers Examine Buying Behavior in the Face of Potential Disasters

Travelers line up at the airport

COVID-19 Information

Do Border Restrictions During Epidemics Work?

Grant to Support Research on Why Countries Ignore or Follow World Health Organization Guidance During Major Outbreaks

Illustration of blue men silhouettes and pink women silhouettes with ones and zeros


Divided by Data

Researchers Explain How Gender Bias Creeps Into Facts and Figures That Shape Our Lives

Crowd of people

COVID-19 Information

Amid Coronavirus, Researchers Investigate Discrimination’s Impact

NSF Grant to Support UMBC-UMD Team Studying Racism Against Chinese Americans

Archaeologist Julie Schablitsky uncovers burial vault covered in flowers


Making Mysteries Into Memories

UMD Professor Discovers ‘Maryland Mystery Lady’

Image of Romans and Carthaginians fighting


Roots of Revenge

Feuds, Other Conflicts May Have Neurological Basis, Psychology Study Finds



Cloudy With a Chance of Microbes

Undergraduate Student to Test Bacteria From Microorganisms at High Altitude

Pink and purple image of coronavirus


Coronavirus Test Questions

What Went Wrong With U.S. Monitoring and What to Do Next: A Virus Transmission Expert Explains

Illustration of two men and a woman at a job interview. The woman has a yellow speech bubble that says "Dream job" and a white thought bubble with a dollar sign


In Hiring, Managers Seek ‘Motivation Purity’

New Research Finds That You’re Not Supposed to Care About Pay, Benefits

Illustration of woman at computer with hands over her face, with blue speech bubbles in the background


Hate, Health and Social Media

Researchers Find Racist Tweets Correlate to Cardiovascular Illness for Both Black, White People

Basketballs in different shades


Shades of Praise

UMD Research Finds Basketball Commentary Linked to Athlete Skin Color

Illustration of pencil editing page on a computer screen


Evaluating Info Like a Pro

Research Shows How Professional Fact-Checking Strategies Help Students Gauge Digital Content’s Accuracy

Student sits in garden outside the Clarice


A Dose of Nature

New Study Finds Even Short Times Outdoors Have Therapeutic Effect on Mental Health

InSight Mars Lander rendering


Monitoring ‘Marsquakes’

First Direct Seismic Measurements Reveal a Geologically Active Planet

Man wears weather VT headset


Forecasts of the Future

Revolutionary Virtual Reality System Gives 3D Vantage of Satellite Data

Woman pouring juice


‘OK, Gen Z-er’

Conventional Gender Roles Still Popular With American Youth, Study Shows

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