Monday, August 3, 2020
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35-year Study Shows Trend Toward Fewer, Larger Farms

Family Operations Still Greatly Outnumber Corporate Ones, Research Finds

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The Power of Been There, Done That

$550K Grant Supports Peer-based Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Underserved Communities

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Gen Z, Gender, Politics and a Pandemic

Research Reveals How Gender, Partisanship Influence Young Americans’ Attitudes on COVID-19

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Striking Up an Innovative Idea

Researchers’ Revamped Electronic Home Plate Adds Automation, Accuracy to Game



Blooming Trouble

Research Links Climate Change, Early Springs, Asthma Complications

A 3D rendition of the surface of Venus shows two coronae, ring-like structures formed when hot material inside the planet rises through the mantle and erupts through the crust.


Volcanic Venus

Study Changes View of Planet Once Considered Geologically Inactive

Quantum speed limit.


Understanding Quantum Speed Limits

Research to Determine How Fast Quantum Information Moves Could Aid Development of Quantum Computers

School of Public Health Dean Boris Lushniak speaks at at a COVID-19 symposium organized by the school in February.

COVID-19 Information

Pandemic Paradox

Despite Preparing for Decades, U.S. Response Merits a C-minus ‘at Best,’ Public Health Dean Says

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Postcard Power Rocks the Vote

Pennsylvania Registration Effort Shows Promise in Recruiting New Voters

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After Campaign Led by UMD Researcher, WHO Changes Course

New Recommendations Acknowledge Possibility of Airborne Transmission

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START Report: Global Terrorist Violence Continues to Fall

Lethality of Racially and Ethnically Motivated Attacks Rose in 2019, UMD Researcher Finds

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Uncovering How COVID-19 Changed Work

$200K NSF Grant to Fund Study of Employment-Related Mobility, Job Loss and Creation

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Study: Physical Activity Prevents Depression in Older Adults During COVID-19

Even Walking Can Combat Mental Health Problems Caused by Social Isolation

Flu patients convalesce in a makeshift Kansas hospital (left), while emergency medical personnel scurried to provide care as coronavirus victims overflow into a hallway in a New York hospital in April.


Different Viruses, Similar Outcomes

Public Health Researcher’s Review Traces Common Thread of Inequality Between Pandemics a Century Apart



UMD-Led Team Awarded $10M to Modernize Shellfish Farming

Smart Tech Has Potential to Improve Industry’s Sustainability, Economic Impact

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Honey Bee Losses Reach Record Highs, Survey Finds

UMD Researchers, Partners Find Unusually High Summer, Low Winter Hits to Survival

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The Gifts of Going Solo

As Social Distancing Becomes the Norm, Expert Shares 5 Tips for Enjoying Alone Time

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Detained Indefinitely

Research Shows No-Bond/No-Release Policy Puts Vulnerable Population at Risk

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Building Smart Homes, Securely

UMD Researcher Joins NSF-funded Project to Strengthen Trust in ‘Internet of Things’

For many children of color, their schools are vital centers of resources ranging from meals to vaccinations, and school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic is creating dire effects, argues a group of researchers including a UMD professor of urban studies and planning.


Op/ed: After COVID and Racism, School Closures a Third Pandemic

Researchers Outline Impact of Shutdown on Children of Color

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Is Children’s Language Learning Falling Victim to the Pandemic?

Researchers Seek Recordings of Conversations to Determine Effect of Social Distancing, School Closings

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COVID-19 Information

Limited Research Activities to Resume Monday

UMD to Offer COVID-19 Testing to Selected Employees, Grad Assistants Who Worked on Essential On-Campus Research Activities

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Studying How COVID Cleared the Air

UMD Researchers Team Up With NOAA for Airborne Look at Stay-at-Home Orders’ Pollution Impact

Kim Building

COVID-19 Information

Pines, UMD Engineers Help Prince George’s County Reopening Efforts

President-designate to Lead Education Group; Maryland Transportation Institute to Provide Data



Trees Are Trending Shorter, Younger

Global Study Finds Decades-old Environmental Shifts Are Altering Forests

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How to Have a Summer Getaway, Even If You Don’t Leave Home

Systems Thinking Expert Offers 3 Tips for Vacation Planning During a Pandemic

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U.S. Charitable Behaviors Seesaw in Face of Crises, New Research Finds

Do Good Institute Surveys Effects of Previous Emergencies as COVID-19 Impact Remains Uncertain

The federal government should approve an aid package that governors can quickly direct to high priority needs, writes business Professor Emeritus Peter Morici.


Op/ed: Why Washington Should Speed More Aid to States

D.C. Squabbles Threaten Country’s Recovery, UMD Economist Says

Public Health Without Borders, a UMD student group supported by the School of Public Health, is encouraging students to use face coverings properly to lessen the risk of virus transmission.
Public Health Without Borders, a UMD student group supported by the School of Public Health, is encouraging students to use face coverings properly to lessen the risk of virus transmission.

COVID-19 Information

How to Look Like a Hero: Mask Up

Public Health Student Group’s New Video Encourages Kids to Stay Safe by Wearing Face Coverings

Person wearing mask walks by a sign that says "It will get better."

COVID-19 Information

Wide Majority of Americans Support Masks, Social Distancing, Staying Home to Fight Pandemic

UMD-Post Poll Finds Expectations for Safe Public Gatherings Slip to Later in Summer

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