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COVID-19 Information

Wide Majority of Americans Support Masks, Social Distancing, Staying Home to Fight Pandemic

UMD-Post Poll Finds Expectations for Safe Public Gatherings Slip to Later in Summer


T. rex’s Long Legs Made for Marathon Walking

New Study Finds Energy Efficiency, Not Speed, Was the Point of Adaptation


Expert: ‘Murder Hornets’ Still a Distant Threat

Let the ‘Bug Guy’ Exterminate (Most of) Your Angst About Giant Insects


Constant Testing, Instant Punishment Lowers DUI Repeats, UMD Research Shows

Study Examines ‘Pretty Rare’ Impact of South Dakota’s ‘24/7’ Program


How Green Is Good for You—and Your Career

Architecture, Psychology Researchers Explore Workplace Performance Benefits of Sustainable Buildings


Op/ed: Survey Shows Youth Climate Activists Lining Up Behind Biden

Left-Leaning Group Follows Cues of Preferred Candidates to Support Presumptive Nominee, Researcher Finds


Americans Not Ready to Reopen, New UMD-Post Poll Finds

Rising Number of Respondents Fear Serious COVID-19 Illness


Feeding the Body of Knowledge on Food Labeling

Researchers Call for Collaboration Across Fields to Reduce Waste by Using Science to Clarify, Regulate Dates on Products


Engineers Revise Ancient Ceramic Manufacturing Process, Making It 1,000 Times Faster

New Sintering Method Could Help Speed Production of Next-Gen Batteries, Other Tech

COVID-19 Information

An Equal Opportunity Virus in an Unequal Society

UMD Expert Seeks Solutions to Heightened Coronavirus Toll on African Americans


How Robot Teams Could Do Our Dirty, Dangerous Jobs

Researcher Works to Instill Resilience in Coordinated Autonomous Systems


Disinclined to Download

Americans Not Ready for Virus-Tracking Apps, But Support Business, Immigration Clampdowns, UMD-Post Poll Finds

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