McKeldin Library might not be the right place to pound out a five-page research paper. Your friends, who have staked out territory at a first-floor table, could just be chatting. Or maybe you can’t find an empty study room.

Finding a quiet place to buckle down on work, or to reflect and think got a little tougher this fall, after the university welcomed an unexpected influx of first-year students. This required dozens of residence-hall lounges to be converted to rooms. Plus, more students means more competition for superior study spots.

This fall, the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Department of Resident Life collaborated to create an online directory of quiet spaces. This guide provides a list of indoor and outdoor spaces on campus, such as hidden gardens and lesser-known libraries.

“It’s a large campus and if you’re not familiar with it, it can seem pretty overwhelming,” said Cindy Stevens, associate dean of undergraduate studies.

While the guide aims to be a helpful tool for freshmen and others new to campus, everyone can benefit from it, she said.

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to suggest other locations, which may be added to the guide. Here are just a few of the spots already in it: